Solaris Autumn

2010-10-05 0

I wish that we could meet again,
Amidst the autumns weary end
With sky beneath our feet, forever crying.
And in reflections birds and clouds, flying

Autumn, how long I’ve been without you.

Autumn, ships burn into the sky.
Autumn, take me, ever so high.
Where, worry has gone awry.
Autumn, I ask you why?

Autumn, it is darkness and despair.
Clawing at my soul, ever bare
Autumn, life is too unjust and so unfair,
Autumn, will I ask you, will I dare?

Autumn, we must end this weary, bleak affair.
And longer I know, why I simply care.
Autumn, on my life, I here to you swear,
Autumn you have caught me, unaware.

(The above poem and painting inspired by Russian song "What is autumn" Что Такое Осень by ДДТ, and my travels across Siberia)

Now its a cd cover for the music band Samandriel SAMANDRIELの「AWAKENING」CDカバーの原画です: http://fav.me/d1di149

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